ACROLLAGE PAINTING is the transcending evolution of a mixed media combination of acrylic paint, paper, and a form of printmaking. This medium turns ordinary objects into vehicles loaded with meaning, translates physical beauty into a more elegant form and elevates the ordinary into iconic stature, which in turn produces a powerful modern symbolic image.

This technique is achieved by layering glazes of luminous colors with encapsulating rice and imaged paper. The blending of fermenting surfaces and stenciled patterns attains the luxurious paint and textures, which enhances the dramatic intensity of the images. The strength in balance, and the depth of color produces a striking impression, which is inspired by, and adapted to the tastes of the common people. The sensitive and complex simplicity creates a more formal graphic composition.

The imagery evokes a range of symbolic themes, and employs a new vocabulary of classical and urban origin. The empowerment of the spiritual and emotional evolves from the act of their own creation and defines a distinctive quality. The creative forces and artistic execution of the work rest with pure intuition and conjures a signature style, unique to RODRIGUEZ CALERO.